CTLM® Data Sheet

CTLM® an innovative laser breast imaging modality designed to be used as an adjunct to conventional breast screening modalities.

The CTLM® was developed to enhance conventional breast screening methods specifically with the dense breast screening population. A common problem for patients with dense breasts examined by x-ray technology is that it can result in an inconclusive diagnosis or even a misdiagnosis due to the density of the breast tissue.

It is equally important to note that traditional x-ray technology no matter how good its quality, does not contain all the necessary information for many radiologists to say whether the abnormality detected is a cancer, requiring surgery, or a benign lesion which can be followed by additional imaging procedures.

Therefore, in order to avoid a misdiagnosis, the radiologist may consider a follow up examination, recommend a biopsy ( which up to 80% of biopsies turn out to be negative) to be accurate. However with the CTLM® system we hope to provide the radiologists a diagnostic tool that may provide additional information to address complexities.

CTLM® Data Sheet (PDF File | 958 kB)
CTLM Patent
CTLM Patent

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